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We're making an impact

Our mission is to contribute to a more equitable and sustainable news industry so that everyone has access to quality journalism. Launched in spring 2020, Indiegraf empowers small digital news publishers serving diverse communities to grow their audience and funding.


Indie publishers supported


People given access to community news

$ 750,000

Funding raised for community news

What our publishers say

Sun Peaks News pivoted from print, ad-based to digital, reader-supported during COVID-19
We were able to avoid our publication potentially shutting down in the middle of a global emergency. It allowed us to plant the seeds for a more sustainable news model for the future of our community.
Brandi Schier - Sun Peaks Independent News
Brandi Schier
We helped bring the IndigiNews brand to life digitally
I really wanted IndigiNews to be bright, because when you look historically about how we were represented through the media, it was always black and white with sometimes red. For me when I see IndigiNews, it brings me joy; I hope people feel that.
Kelsie Kilawna - IndigiNews
Kelsie Kilawna
Peterborough Currents grew its funding and tripled its subscribers
We launched our newsletter, attracted a large audience of email subscribers, gained motivation and energy for our project, secured some funding, learned how to think strategically about our product and revenue streams and received lots of encouragement. Wow!
Ayesha Barmania & Will Pearson - Peterborough Currents
Ayesha Barmania & Will Pearson
Caitlin Havlak and Erin Millar

Who we are

Indiegraf is led by sisters Caitlin Havlak, CTO, and Erin Millar, CEO, who worked together for the past five years growing The Discourse, a community-funded outlet that has won numerous awards across North America for its ambitious journalism.

Indiegraf launched with seven partner publishers: The Discourse, Sun Peaks Independent News, Peterborough Currents, IndigiNews, La Converse, Spark YQL and APTN News. Since then, Indiegraf has supported news publishers across Canada and will expand into the United States in early 2021.

We’re a growing community of entrepreneurial journalists, technologists, digital publishers, funders and advisors who share a commitment to ensuring everyone has access to quality, trustworthy journalism.

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