The case for using video in your campaigns

Take inspiration from these video campaign examples by network publishers.
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Using videos in campaigns can be a good way for publishers to showcase their creativity and personality. When it comes to building a strategy for audience development on visual platforms like TikTok and Instagram, creating short but engaging clips can help get your point across easier and faster than text alone. If you’re thinking about incorporating video into your next marketing campaign, here are three examples from Indiegraf network publishers to give you inspiration to get started.

Introducing The Breach: Journalism for Transformation

The Breach produced a three-minute video promoting the publication for its Founding Members campaign, featuring a few familiar faces. In it, author and journalist Naomi Klein, scientist and broadcaster David Suzuki and members of The Breach’s team appeal for reader support with a polished, concise script that highlights its mission and values. The high-quality production coupled with support from well-known public figures that align with The Breach’s coverage creates a compelling campaign. 

The Rover’s Platform Change Announcement

Crowd-funded investigative journalism project The Rover announced its move from Substack to Indie Tech with a catchy jingle. Founder Christoper Curtis captured the attention of his 27,000 followers on X (formerly Twitter) with this hilarious sketch and the help of his downstairs neighbors. The minute-long clip manages to explain the three tiers of monthly subscription to the outlet’s newsletter while remaining playful and ultimately, very sharable. 

Right Down Euclid’s Vlog-Style Ask

Evan Dammarell, founder of independent Cleveland sports publication Right Down Euclid, spoke directly to his Instagram followers in this quick vlog-style ask and caption. Like a video call with a friend, the audience is connected with Dammarell as he brings them along on his reporting trip in New York City. The personal appeal is complemented by the caption, which further breaks down what makes the publication unique and worthy of reader support. 

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