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Going viral: How to use social media to grow your audience

10 tips to keep in mind when crafting a smart social media strategy for small and independent newsrooms.

After ‘while, crocodile: Elena Coll heads to a new role as Publisher Guide

Editor Elena Coll hands off the Indie Publisher newsletter to Erica Ngao as she heads off to a new role as Publisher Guide for Indiegraf network partners.

Introducing Indie Ads, a new revenue source for Indiegraf network publishers

Through Indie Ads, independent publishers receive coaching and hands-on support to drive advertising and sponsorship revenue.

Indiegraf introduces Publisher Guide framework

Publisher Guides will project manage and grow relationships across Indiegraf teams, ensuring the best publisher experience possible for our network partners.

Meet Carol Cavaleiro, Product Manager at Indiegraf

The Indiegraf team is on a continous journey to expand our capacity and maximize our impact.

Indiegraf network welcomes 7 Bulletin publishers

Meet the seven publishers who have migrated from Facebook Bulletin to Indiegraf, joining a network of independent publishers who, like them, are looking to rewrite the narrative for their communities.

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