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It takes more than tech tools to succeed.
That’s why we also provide exceptional support from real humans.

When you sign up for Indiegraf, a dedicated Publisher Guide makes onboarding a breeze. You can also reach Indiegraf experts and swap war stories with other publishers via our Slack community. And if you want to add business talent to your team, sign up for Indie Audience or Indie Ads.

No matter your needs, you won’t be alone when you join Indiegraf.

Frequently asked questions

Yes! You get 10% off when you bundle Indie Tech with either of our service products: Indie Audience or Indie Ads.

We can also offer discounts to startups, publishing groups with more than one site and if you can pay annually. Get in touch to discuss.

Yes! Indiegraf’s mission is to lower the barrier to media ownership so that every community has quality local news. We love working with community news startups from day one, especially those serving underrepresented communities.

We also know that seed funding options for community news startups are limited. This problem is especially acute for founders connected to underrepresented communities who often experience systemic barriers to capital.

That is why we offer up to a 90% discount on Indiegraf fees for up to six months to qualified startups. If you are a pre-launch startup in North America, you may also be eligible for the News Startup Fund. Get in touch to learn more.

Having supported the growth of more than 100 publishers, we know that it takes more than technology and advice to succeed. Publishers also need the capacity to implement growth strategies. That’s where Indiegraf’s services come in: Indie Audience and Indie Ads.

Indie Audience and Indie Ads allow publishers to add business talent for less money and risk than hiring a staff member.

Our audience and revenue experts roll up their sleeves to help publishers in many ways. Examples include writing and executing membership revenue campaigns, creating local advertiser media kits, implementing email marketing to move subscribers down the audience funnel, testing marketing messages via social media campaigns, producing paid advertising campaigns to grow your email list – and the list goes on.

You no longer have to sign up for Indie Tech to access Indiegraf services. Both Indie Audience and Indie Ads offer a limited, introductory tier of service (Basic) designed to help publishers grow on other platforms, including Ghost and Mailchimp. But we recommend you upgrade to Indie Tech when you have enough revenue to do so. Indiegraf is most effective when you integrate our technology and services together.

You can explore more details and pricing on our product pages: Indie Audience and Indie Ads.

No problem! While Indiegraf hosting and pricing is designed for small publishers, we love to see your stories reach bigger audiences. For every additional 250k monthly pageviews, we add $50 per month.

Indiegraf used to require publishers to commit to a one-year or two-year contract. But we don’t do that anymore. We want the members of the network to stay with us because they get value from partnering with Indiegraf.

Indie Tech has no minimum commitment. Indie Audience and Indie Ads require a six-month commitment because we want to allot enough time for the services to have their intended result.

As you can read in our terms of service, you can change your products or leave the network at any time with 60 days notice.

You can cancel your Indie Tech account for any reason by providing us with 60 days notice in writing. You own your content and data, and we will provide a CSV file containing your content to facilitate your migration to your new chosen platform. You will need to find a new website provider and hosting service. No hard feelings.

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