5 Tips for Marketing at Events

Thinking of connecting with potential readers IRL? Keep in mind these pro tips when planning your next event.
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Whether it’s hosting an anniversary party or passing out postcards at a local festival, participating in community events is a great marketing tactic to get your publication’s name out there. Learn how to make the most of in-person interactions with these five tips to help you plan strategically. 

1. Declare your presence 

The best part of events is being able to put a face and a name to your outlet. Don’t just put up a banner or sign and call it a day. Have a sign-up sheet present to collect emails or create a QR code that leads people to a subscription sign-up page, says Indiegraf sponsorship manager Ramona Wildeman. You could also pass out creative collateral that promotes the website, such as a flier or business card. 

2. Establish a goal 

If you’re hosting an event, ensure you know why you are doing it, says Wildeman. Is it branding? Are you actively looking for more people to sign-up for the newsletter? Do you have an incentive? If you have competition in the area, this is a chance to be clear on what differentiates your publication from others. 

3. Look for sponsorship opportunities

If you are hoping to serve beverages or food at your  event, search for a local organization or business to offset those costs as a sponsor. For example, an Indiegraf partner publisher held an event at a pub where a dollar from each beer purchased between 4-7 p.m. was donated back to the business. 

4. Figure out the best time and place

Will it be after the workday (4-7 p.m.), in the evening (7-10 p.m.) or a daytime virtual event over lunch hour? Each of these would require a different format to be successful, says Wildeman. Stuck? Ask your loyal audience members when would be the best time to schedule an event before booking one with a newsletter or social media poll. 

5. Don’t forget to promote 

An event needs attendees! Start promoting at least three weeks in advance with things like an event page on your website (such as an article or event posting), social media announcements, and a newsletter CTA. Create an Eventbrite posting, Facebook event and onsite ads for even more reach. Keep posting regular reminders leading up to the date. On the day of, post updates from the event to generate even more excitement.

Want to plan events for your publication? Indiegraf’s Ads and Audience experts can help make it a success.


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