Introducing Indie Ads, a new revenue source for Indiegraf network publishers

Through Indie Ads, independent publishers receive coaching and hands-on support to drive advertising and sponsorship revenue.
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The Indiegraf team is always considering additional ways to increase support for independent publishers. We know how tiring (and expensive!) it can be to deal with multiple vendors, and that’s why we continue to add new tools, resources and hands-on services. Our newest is Indie Ads, another way for Indiegraf partner publishers to gain recurring revenue.

Indie Ads helps Indiegraf partner publishers drive advertising revenue in several ways, depending on the tier of Indiegraf services. Indie Ads supports publishers in a wide range of sales-related areas, from establishing a pricing model to managing the advertising funnel. Here are the three key areas in which Indie Ads could support your outlet:

Advertising Infrastructure

Through our Indie Tech template, we build the digital infrastructure to support on-site display ads, designing reader-friendly sales assets and putting together the right set of tools for you to track and report for your advertisers. We also build a landing page for potential advertisers to find all the information they need, making it easy for them to come to you (because that’s the dream).

Coaching and Strategy 

We start with a detailed audit to determine your ad strategy and priorities. Then, we provide coaching on market research and sales asset creation: defining your value proposition, crafting key messages, fine-tuning your sales pitch and building your media kit. Once we have your strategy and assets in place, we help you assemble lead lists, execute on outbound campaigns and develop a retention strategy. 

Execution and Reporting

Once advertisers come through the door, we provide hands-on help with ad fulfillment and share reporting templates that can be used to discuss impact with advertisers. We also provide administrative support with payments and invoicing, ensuring a seamless experience for you and for your advertisers.

For us, adding advertising and sponsorship support also allows independent publishers to better connect with local businesses, community centers and nonprofits. Combined with the right reader revenue strategies, Indie Ads will help independent publishers advance on their path to sustainability and bring value to their readers and the communities they serve.

We have spent the past few months building the foundation and knowledge base to make Indie Ads a scalable, value-driven product for Indiegraf long-term network publishers. If your publication would benefit from advertising support, get in touch! We can help you set up the ideal structure from the get-go.

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