Indiegraf network welcomes 7 Bulletin publishers

Meet the seven publishers who have migrated from Facebook Bulletin to Indiegraf, joining a network of independent publishers who, like them, are looking to rewrite the narrative for their communities.
Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash.

The world needs local, independent news now more than ever. That is why, when we heard about Bulletin shutting down, it became our priority to make sure these publishers had the support they needed so they could continue to keep their communities informed. Over the past few weeks, we had the opportunity to meet many journalist entrepreneurs who are passionate about bringing quality journalism to their communities. We are thrilled to announce that many of such passionate people are now a part of the Indiegraf network! 

7 publishers have now been onboarded to the Indiegraf network. Already, our amazing tech team is working on building a permanent home for these outlets — websites we will be sure to share with you all once they are ready. For now, we’ll take some time to introduce the newest members of the Indiegraf family: 

Right Down Euclid

Led by Evan Dammarell, Right Down Euclid aims to change the way that Cleveland sports, news, entertainment, and culture are covered forever. The Indiegraf team has been working with Right Down Euclid for a while now, and their loyal subscribers are now able to read their stories on their new home! You can read more about Right Down Euclid’s transition from Bulletin to Indiegraf right here.

Trenton Journal

The Trenton Journal by veteran reporter Kenneth Miles was created to address the information gaps in Trenton, New Jersey, and to amplify the positive voices in the community through original reported content. The Trenton Journal is for community leaders, activists, dreamers, and people looking to work together to create a stronger Trenton. You can read their latest story here and stay up to date on their work via their Twitter and Facebook.

The Triangle

Led by Christin Nielsen, The Triangle is a weekly newsletter that features both bullet-pointed and in-depth stories on local issues, written for residents of Virginia’s Historic Triangle and the surrounding region. You can read their latest story here and follow Christin on Facebook.

The Kerr County Lead

Led by Louis Amestoy, The Kerr County Lead is a daily source of community news in Kerr County, Texas. They are also the fastest growing news source in the Texas Hill Country. You can watch their latest live show here, and follow their work on Twitter and Facebook.  

The E’ville Good

Created by Amy H. Peterson, the E’ville Good makes news and numbers pop for Northwest Iowa and Southwest Minnesota residents. The best way to describe them comes from their own tagline: “Imagine if NPR and YES! Magazine had a baby who was in love with data stories, and as a bonus, bilingual and bicultural.” You can read their latest bilingual story on noise pollution here and follow them on Facebook

San Diego Sun

The San Diego Sun is a lively source of news, events, and insider stories that define downtown San Diego and the greater metropolitan area. Written by veteran journalist and longtime city resident Ron Donoho, The San Diego Sun writes the stories that matter to locals. You can read their latest story here and keep up on their work through their Facebook

Black Iowa News

Led by Dana James, Black Iowa News highlights Black perspectives, showcases the Black community and amplifies the voices of Black Iowans. You can read their latest story right here and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

We are excited about the possibilities these new partnerships bring, and feel very grateful for the trust these founders have given us. We can’t wait to roll up our sleeves and help these amazing outlets reach their full potential!

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