Indiegraf’s all-in-one platform makes it easy to publish content with a more intuitive backend 

What you need to know about the latest updates to Indie Tech 1.3.7.

The Indie Tech team has been hard at work for the past few months and are excited to introduce the new changes happening to our all-in-one platform. In the latest Indie Tech quarterly update, we present a more beautiful, intuitive and clean backend dashboard with new features made with news publishers in mind! 

Check this out and everything else you can expect from the latest Indie Tech updates.

What’s new:

  • Enjoy an upgraded Indie Tech backend: We made it easier to keep track of important updates on the CMS and navigate through useful features on the sidebar menu (such as easy access to Post, Pages, House Ads and Display Ads). Take a look at the update in action below.  
A GIF demonstrating how to navigate the updated backend. Indie tech release 1.3.7.
A cleaner, beautiful and more intuitive Indie Tech backend.
  • Identify Audio and Video posts: It’s now easier for your readers to identify the content they’re clicking into! When you create an Audio or Video post, a mic or a play button icon will be overlaid on the thumbnail and a tag will appear next to the article’s headline.

  • Generate newsletter subscribers from your home page: Give your newsletter list a boost by activating this eye-catching call-to-action at the top of your home page. 
  • Automatically update your featured post: Easily control what your readers see first when they visit your home page by making a post “sticky” with a simple on/off toggle, or by limiting featured posts to a specific category.

✅ What’s next:

  • Enhancing our payment solution: We’re working on connecting your website directly to Stripe and Indie Tech Email with an onsite checkout, making it easier than ever for readers to become a paying supporter. 
  • Making websites available in Spanish and French: Soon, your readers will be able to view your website entirely in Spanish or French! The Sponsored Content label will soon be able to be fully translatable as well.  
  • Crediting underwritten stories: A flexible block will make it easy to properly credit underwritten stories. The blocks contain placeholders for title, description and image, but you can add and remove elements as needed. 
A flexible block will make it easy to properly credit underwritten stories. indie tech release 1.3.7.
  • Rendering thumbnails as they should be: You’ll be able to upload thumbnails of different sizes (but keeping the same 4:3 ratio) and they’ll be rendered in high quality across desktop, mobile and other screens.

Spend time on reporting stories, engaging with your audience, and growing your news outlet — not troubleshooting technology. Indiegraf’s high-performing, all-in-one platform features the best tools in news so publishers can focus on serving their community. Interested in learning more about how Indiegraf’s tech stack can take your publication to the next level? Get in touch!

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