Immersive story templates highlight latest updates to Indiegraf’s all-in-one platform

We break down what’s new from Indie Tech this spring.
Person using laptop. Indie Tech Release 1.3.5.
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The start of a new quarter means it’s time for the latest Indie Tech upgrades! We’re happy to introduce Indie Tech 1.3.5, an exciting update to our all-in-one platform. Now, news publishers can take advantage of new tools to create customizable and beautiful page templates and experiment with exciting features to help deepen your outlet’s relationship with the audience. 

Here’s a full rundown of what you can expect from the latest Indie Tech updates:

What’s new

  • Create more immersive stories: Draw attention to your stories with the use of powerful images that will improve social media sharing and make your content more memorable. We’ve developed a visual template that showcases your cover image in full width to match the impact of your stories. 
Immersive Story. Indie Tech 1.3.5.
Make more immersive, beautiful and memorable stories.
  • Show off your team: A new block in the CMS makes it easy to add people from your team to any page or post. Just search for the “User list” block and select a user from the sidebar. This is a great way to introduce new team members or get your audience familiar with the faces behind the outlet.
  • It’s a breeze to run ads: We integrated Indie Tech with Google Ad Manager to make it easier to manage and display programmatic ads. For example, this allows publishers to geotarget the ads that will be displayed on the website—all that’s needed to get started is an Adsense account.
  • Promote community events: Publishers asked for it, and we listened. Now, you can add a calendar or events list on the website. 
Events. Indie Tech Release 1.3.5.
Highlight community events.
  • Keep members organized: We’ve restructured user profile fields in the CMS to make it more simple to create new users, edit and manage them.

🐞Bug fixes

  • Author’s name displays in the RSS.
  • Gallery caption styling is fixed.

✅ What’s next

  • Indie Tech makeover: Navigating the backend of your site can be confusing. We’re working on a more beautiful, intuitive and clean dashboard, so you can get to where you want to go more easily and quickly. 
  • Indie Mail debut: Indiegraf is launching its own email service provider that is seamlessly integrated into our Indie Tech platform, making it easier than ever for publishers to manage their editorial workflow and newsletter products. More information can be found in next week’s Indie Publisher newsletter!
  • Audio and Video post type: Soon there’ll be an easy way to view and organize the types of content published. When creating an Audio or Video post type, the post gets an audio or video tag and a thumbnail.
  • Top newsletter call-to-action: Boost your newsletter conversion through this eye-catching call-to-action right at the top of your homepage. 

Spend time on reporting stories, engaging with your audience and growing your news outlet—not troubleshooting technology. Indiegraf’s high-performing, all-in-one platform features the best tools in news, so publishers can focus on serving their community. Interested in learning more about how Indiegraf’s tech stack can take your publication to the next level? Get in touch!

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