🚀 Release 1.3.2

Check the latest release from Indie Tech!

We’re excited to announce our newest Indie Tech release! Indie Tech 1.3.2 is here with a whole lot of new features: 

  • Reading progress: We’ve added a reading progress indicator at the top of article posts. It’s a fast visual cue that indicates how far you have read as you scroll. It’s thought to motivate readers to continue reading and scroll down the page. This feature is automatically added to all posts.

How to add a recirculation block at Indie Tech Pro Theme
How to add the recirculation block

✅ What’s next: Things that we are working on

  • Team page block: a new block that makes it easy to add and manage team pages;
  • Events page: add a calendar or event list on the website;
  • Commenting: Pelcro subscribers will be able to leave comments on articles, increasing community engagement;
  • Immersive stories: a beautiful post/story template with a full width cover image;
  • Usability improvements: websites will be loading faster on mobile! 

So far, we have onboarded The Palm Springs Post, IndigiNewsCV Reporter, Shasta Scout, The DiscourseThe WrenPhiladelphia Hall Monitor, The Resolve, The Flatlander, Cold Tea Collective, The Objective, Tone Madison, Kansas City Defender, The Ridge, Tri Cities Dispatch, The Land and The Indy. to the new Indie Tech template, and are working to migrate WINGS, Sun Peaks Independent News, Bloc by Block News, Rat Creek Press, Women’s eNews and Peterborough Currents.

We have also created a new feature request system for our partner publishers which will allow them to submit their ideas and requests for new Indie Tech features. This new tool will add transparency to our work here at Indiegraf, while creating a healthy feedback loop about our Indie Tech product.

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