Indie Tech now includes a newsletter platform purpose-built for journalist entrepreneurs!

Screenshot of the new email and newsletter platform back-end.
The back-end of Indiegraf’s new newsletter and email marketing platform.

One of the most painful parts of being an independent news publisher is managing so many different technology tools. You need to get your website to speak to your newsletter platform, make sure your payment system is triggering automated emails, find someone to maintain your systems, troubleshoot bugs, and on and on … it’s enough to make the most tech-savvy journalists’ heads spin.

This is why we are thrilled to announce that Indie Tech now includes a newsletter and email marketing platform — integrated for you, all for one price. As of today, when you sign up for Indie Tech, you receive both a beautiful, high-performing website and a newsletter platform purpose-built to grow small and startup newsrooms’ audience and revenue.

Here’s what we’re most excited about:

  1. Integrate your website and newsletter platform to easily nurture audience loyalty. When you better understand how audience members are consuming your journalism both via your website and email, it’s easier to generate more subscribers, move them down your funnel, and ask them to support you with the right message at the right time — resulting in more revenue.
  2. Use email templates and automations to save time implementing a great growth strategy. Create engaging email series to welcome new readers, convert more readers to paying members with strategic campaigns, remind your members to update their credit cards and invite lapsed readers to re-engage — all with the click of a button.
  3. Get analytics that tell you the whole story. Easily check the performance of your editorial, campaigns and automations, and integrate your email platform with Google Analytics to see a full picture of your indie news business.
  4. Stop getting dinged on Mailchimp overage charges. With Indie Tech, you can eliminate extra costs like Mailchimp, hosting and plugins and have clarity about your billing as your audience grows. We’ve worked hard to keep our prices well below other news industry-specific alternatives: see our pricing page here.
  5. Upgrade to a customer relationship manager (CRM) when you need it. For non-profits that need to track donation data or growing advertising businesses that want to manage a sales funnel, our CRM has you covered without having to add another tech tool.

That’s just a handful of the features now included in Indie Tech, Indiegraf’s technology bundle designed to make the best tools in publishing accessible to small and startup newsrooms. And that doesn’t even scratch the surface of all you can do with our websites, including new immersive storytelling formats announced in our most recent product update. Explore a detailed list of features and pricing here.

As always, Indiegraf’s experts are available to help you grow your news business every step of the way. When you sign up for Indie Tech, a dedicated Publisher Guide will walk you through onboarding and training. Our Indie Audience and Indie Ads service products enable you to cost-effectively hire skilled business talent to implement your marketing, reader revenue and advertising initiatives. And our Slack community allows you to directly reach an Indiegrafer with questions, or talk shop with other community news publishers.

By adding a newsletter platform to Indie Tech, our goal is to make it easier and more affordable for journalist entrepreneurs to launch and grow small community news outlets. This is in service of our mission to lower the barrier to entry to media ownership so that all communities can access quality local journalism. Hit reply to let us know your thoughts.

To learn more about joining the Indiegraf network, contact the Publisher Success Team for a consultation on your publishing plans and how Indie Tech can help you grow.

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