Indie outlets lead on abortion coverage

National news broke the story, but local gave it context.

Joe Lanane Joe Lanane  - May 12, 2022

Independent media proved its importance this past week by providing community-centered Roe v. Wade coverage. While national news focused on the Supreme Court leak or pointed fingers internally for the inevitable demise of U.S. federal abortion access, indie outlets never waved the white flag.

Instead, these news orgs published perspectives specific to their communities while sharing important context and solutions-oriented next steps. In doing so, these outlets validated the important role they play in the larger news ecosystem, even when vital breaking news comes from mainstream sources.

The Institute for Nonprofit News (INN) recently compiled a great summary of abortion reaction stories from its news partners. This rundown only scratches the surface of inspirational independent journalism since last week’s bombshell Politico story, so here are more examples — from the Indiegraf network and beyond.

The immediate aftermath 

In the days after the story broke, many indie outlets joined their readers on the streets. 

Maintaining fundamental rights

Once abortions are no longer protected at the U.S. federal level, many states risk losing significant or complete access. 

Reactions beyond the states

The rest of North America also reacted to the Roe v. Wade probable appeal, shedding light on the lack of quality abortion access in other countries.

Hopefully this sampling of related coverage inspires your own work. We invite you to respond with more examples of quality coverage from local independent news sources, and we’ll be sure to share the work across the Indiegraf network.

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