Indie Growth Program

Indiegraf is accepting applications from North American publishers for our new Indie Growth Program.

Successful applicants will receive a suite of technology tools, digital marketing services and $2,500 in digital advertising credits that enable them to create sophisticated campaigns to grow email subscribers and reader revenue.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. We’re looking for applicants who are about to launch a news outlet, or are established and want to grow their email subscribers and reader revenue. We especially encourage projects led by BIPOC journalists to apply.

What is the Indie Growth Program?

The Indie Growth Program helps independent community news organizations grow their email subscribers and reader revenue. The program includes:

What does the Indie Growth Program cost?

The cost to participants is $500 for three months. If you need more time to complete the Indie Growth Program after three months, each additional month costs $100.

Who is the Indie Growth Program for?

The Indie Growth Program is for existing independent news organizations or new projects ready to grow email subscription and reader revenue businesses.

Qualified applicants include:

Here’s what we look for in potential Indie Growth Program participants:

If you don’t fit exactly these qualifications, contact our Publisher Success Manager Joe Lanane, who can discuss how Indiegraf could help you.

What outcomes can I expect from the program?

The Indie Growth Program aims to drive growth within three months. While every project and market is different, this program aims to:

Other publishers have accomplished so much while enrolled in similar programs offered by Indiegraf. The Palm Springs Post doubled its email subscribers and launched a Founding Member campaign that achieved more than 150 per cent of its target. Ayesha Barmania and Will Pearson expanded Peterborough Currents from 20 to over 2,000 email subscribers, and grew their audience revenue by 1,745 per cent. Within weeks of launching, The Breach raised tens of thousands of dollars. The IndigiNews weekly newsletter, established in November 2020, started with a subscriber list of 726 readers. It now has over 10,000. 

What is required of program participants?

Program participants are expected to participate in 3 hour-long meetings over the three-month program and respond to inquiries within 24-36 hours, excluding weekends. The program takes three months to complete, though can be extended if necessary. You’ll need to be available to provide feedback and approvals quickly while we’re executing your campaigns together. You can move through the program at your own pace, but you should be close or ready to launch when you start. You’ll also need to have basic branding assets for your project ready, along with a URL and social media accounts. We can help you set everything up. 

What happens after the Indie Growth Program?

Publishers who successfully complete this program may qualify for the Starter, Standard or Pro Tier of services offered by Indiegraf. These tiers are designed to further grow independent news publishers on the path to sustainability. They include advanced technology tools, additional funding, audience development and sponsorship sales resources, and online playbooks and toolkits aimed at developing diversified revenue streams. 

Our recommendation about next steps with Indiegraf will be included in the data report provided upon completing the Indie Growth Program. Fees associated with the Starter, Standard and Pro Tiers are on a monthly subscription or revenue share basis.

Publishers who participate in the Indie Growth Program have no obligation to continue to the next level of the Indiegraf services. They are encouraged to take whatever steps best serve their growth and impact goals. That said, when selecting participants for the Indie Growth Program we do prioritize publishers genuinely interested in advancing to the next level of Indiegraf’s Growth Programs.

Want to learn more before applying?

Get in touch with Publisher Success Manager Joe Lanane to ask any questions you have.


Submit your application for immediate consideration. We’ll be accepting publisher applications on a rolling basis, and we aim to meet with every applicant before recommending enrollment to the program. 

The information you submit is confidential and will only be used for the purposes of assessing your application to Indiegraf.

  • How often is newsletter sent? And how many stories published per week?
  • How many people currently subscribe to your email newsletter?
  • What percentage of subscribers typically open newsletter?
  • How many users per month visit website?
  • How many monthly/annual subscribers currently?
  • Full- and part-time staff only
  • Do you rely on foundations, grant money and/or ad revenue?
  • Current ESP (Ex: Mailchimp, Constant Contact)
  • Current traffic data source (Ex: Google Analytics,
  • Current reader revenue tool (Ex: Stripe)
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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