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Applications for the BIPOC Media Growth Program are now closed. Sign up for email updates to find out about our next round of opportunities for funding.

Applications are open for the BIPOC Media Growth Program, a partnership between Indie Capital and the Facebook Journalism Project

Indie Capital is Indiegraf’s new initiative for providing grants and flexible financing to promising community news outlets to fund their growth. We are now accepting applications for an initial grant opportunity, in partnership with the Facebook Journalism Project, to support the growth of Black, Indigenous and Person of Colour-led news outlets in Canada.

The application form follows the FAQs.

What is Indie Capital? 

Indie Capital provides funding to independent community news outlets. We started Indie Capital because we recognized that many journalist entrepreneurs struggle to access funding to grow. Most founders rely on family and personal savings to get off the ground. We want to lower the bar to entry so that anyone with passion and talent can become media owners, even if they don’t have networks and access to capital. 

We help fund publishers’ growth in several ways: by providing digital advertising credits, free services, grants and flexible financing that doesn’t involve personal guarantees, skyhigh interest rates or giving up ownership.

What is the BIPOC Media Growth Program?

The BIPOC Media Growth Program is a four-month program to help BIPOC-led media find new audiences and deepen audience engagement. It is one of the first grant opportunities available through Indie Capital. Selected publishers will receive $25,000 grants, subsidized technology, training, consulting and digital marketing services designed to help them grow their brand awareness, audience engagement and revenue over a four month period. It is funded by the Facebook Journalism Project.

What do I get in addition to the money?

In addition to the grant, you get four months of Indiegraf’s services for free during the program, including:

What will the four months look like?

During the first month, the six selected publishers will meet weekly as a cohort to collaboratively learn, share and develop a plan for their growth project. Following these sessions, participants will receive a $25,000 grant to fund their growth project and Indiegraf’s team will roll up their sleeves to help implement it over the following three months. Facebook will also offer a webinar series during the program about its audience development tools. Once your growth project is complete, we’ll bring the cohort back together to share lessons and celebrate our wins.

Do I have to be an Indiegraf publisher to apply?

No. The opportunity is open both to publishers that are already involved in Indiegraf and others. It is our hope that publishers selected for this program stick around as Indiegraf partners in the long run, so it’s a good fit if you’re genuinely interested in joining. If you have questions about what Indiegraf is all about, reach out to [email protected].

Who qualifies for this program?

Apply if:

What are you looking for from applicants?

We will seek participants that have demonstrated: (1) a commitment to serving underserved diverse communities; (2) the time and capacity to meaningfully participate and implement a growth project; (3) have a track record of achieving audience gains and revenue traction; and (4) are willing to collaborate and share what they learn with other publishers.

This all sounds great, but I’m not based in Canada or don’t identify as BIPOC. How can I tap into similar opportunities in future?

In the coming months, Indie Capital will roll out other funding opportunities for community news publishers across North America that are committed to providing equitable coverage in communities experiencing news poverty. If you’re not eligible for this first program, but you’d like to express your interest in future opportunities, sign up for email updates here.

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